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The Element of Business: What makes a Business Successful?
Some businesses thrive with success while some fail terribly. What are the secrets behind these successful businesses? Are there brilliant business strategies behind, or is it just plain luck that that these businesses flourish?

How to Build a Successful Business
Is your business operating on Timely setting (with favorable ground support)?

The Yin and Yang Principle of Life (for business success)
In business, you win some and you lose some. How do you agree with this statement?

The Five Elements of Life
The interplay of the Five Elements forms the Universal Cycle of life that provides a template that guided life principles and decisions.

Art of Water Placement
Water has been widely applied in Feng Shui practice to create wealth and good fortune but...

Feng Shui Discussion: Taking Facing Direction of high-rise buildings
Facing Direction, not the same old topic again?! (Some of you must be thinking now). But it is not for no reasons that we keep bringing this topic up.



Moving into new house on the wrong Date
Time is an especially crucial factor in Feng Shui application. You can have the best Feng Shui house but without the correct element of Time (to aptly activate the Qi)...

Feng Shui Door Tilting
The tilting of the door changes the fate of his factory (a blessing in disguise), Mr A probably would have taken up my customer's offer to sell his office if his business had remained poor

Feng Shui Fish Tank in Office
Water does not always represent wealth. For the case of your office, the energy of water in actual would weaken the energy of your wealth corner or to put it in layman, drown away your wealth!"

Feng Shui and Buddha Placement
Feng Shui is never about religion but still, the placement of regarded statues (Buddha/God of Wealth etc) is important

Shop Facing Cross Junction Road
Is the shop facing Cross Junction Road considered bad Feng Shui?

Wrong Yin & Yang flow affects Business
Wrong Yin and Yang energy flow at the entrances.

Wrong Feng Shui Reading Taken
(the danger that lies behind)

Wrong reading taken is a grave mistake intolerable in the practice of feng shui that could lead to undesirable harms



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