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Element of Feng Shui to Business Success

the Concept of 5 element for Successful Business

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Feng Shui for Commercial

The Element of Business:
What makes a Business Successful?

What makes a business successful? Some businesses thrive with success while some fail terribly. What are the secrets behind these successful businesses? Are there brilliant business strategies behind, or is it just plain luck that that these businesses flourish?

To start, you begin by knowing your business. All businesses no matter what sizes have to operate on some basic logics and functions. What are the must-have business functions? Let us answer this simple question, "Who run the business?" The idea is simple, you are obviously the one who runs your business, think of your business as yourself (as a person) and you see the logic flows.

The Five Elements of Business

Find the above chart familiar?

Yes, the above business flowchart is derived from the Chinese Five Elements Cycle. Going along the Yin and Yang principle, the five elements (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire) are what that brought about the harmonized balance of planet Earth.

So to speak, applying the Five Elements principle into your business enable you the managing of your business in good balance (to support prosperous business growth).

  • Administration/Management supports Production
    First and foremost, a business needs someone to run it and that is you (the CEO/Managing Director) and any other managers who come out with the business ideas, plan strategies, employ and oversee talented individuals and execute the business plans i.e. actualize business ideas into business products (tangible merchandises/services).

  • Production supports Sales & Marketing
    With your business products created, you are ready to take on sales then. You sell and market your business products to prospective buyers and here is where wealth and cash flow roll in.

  • Sales & Marketing supports Finance / Accounting
    With the in flow of cash, you see your funds growing. Here is where you need to manage and maintain your revenue and expenses in healthy balance to build up your financial capital Power.

  • Finance / Accounting supports Research & Development
    With positive capital power, you want to make sure your business continue to thrive. It is important that you constantly develop and improve your business products to ensure that they meet the demanding needs of your customers (to stand up against your competitors).

  • Research & Development supports Administration/Management
    Strong and up-to-trend resources provide the management team with critical information that guide the business direction and strategies ahead.

As much as supporting one another, the five business functions affect also one another (hurting the business operation). As can be seen below, missing any of the five business functions, your business will be dangerously out of balance.

  • Administration/Management affects Sales & Marketing
    Without foremost proper management and business strategies from yourself (the management), there wouldn't be any great business products to generate positive sales and revenue to bring in wealth.

  • Sales & Marketing affects Research & Development
    Without significant sales to generate incoming Wealth, you won't be able to build up your capital power to support your research and development to help set the business in clear direction.

  • Research & Development affects Production
    Without strong research and development and up-to-trend market intelligence, you won't be able to strategize correctly and come out with great business products that support your foothold in the competitive market.

  • Production affects Finance / Accounting
    Without quality and marketable products to reach out to your customers, there won't be sales and revenue to bring in wealth to build up your capital power.

  • Finance / Accounting affects Administration/Management
    Without substantial financial capital power support, you won't be able to run research investigation to upkeep your business development and at the end of the day, the business goes downhill (no longer able to support the management and sustain the business function).

So, you can see that these five business functions support and yet affect one another. In short, you wouldn't want any of them to fail - Any of these functions down, your business will be at risk!

To ensure sustainability of the business, we always maintain the business in good balance (balanced out between the five business functions) i.e. you can't be greedy and focus only on acquiring wealth and neglect the importance of business planning, research and development etc. Have a look again at your business operation, are these five business functions running well?

Critically, where are these business functions/departments located in your company?

In Business, you always hear this "if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail". Similarly in Feng Shui, if you plan your business functions in the wrong location, you are setting your business up for problems and obstacles (driving your business towards failure).

We believe you have seen cases of businesses flopped and closed down. For instances, some retail shops if you noticed are forever changing tenants i.e. whichever business took over the space never lasted. Clearly something is wrong with the shops and if were to say aloud, the shops' feng shui must be terrible!

Critically, the life-force energy (Qi) that flows in your company must be favorable. Vibrant and positive Qi helps set your business in good energy for strong prosperous growth. But then again even with positive Qi in place, the locations where you sit your various business functions are crucial too. Where you set your Sales and Marketing department, Finance and Accounting department and etc affects your business growth and development as well. Go ahead and try set up your finance department in the North sector of your company and see if your financial capital would grow.

Tap onto the power of Feng Shui and
elevate the success of your business

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