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Feng Shui for Commercial

Secret to Business Success

Success rides on 3 conditions - Right time (天時), Right place (地利) and Right People (人和). They are the key ingredients for any business success. Gain control over the 3 conditions - Strike at the right time, in the right place, with the right people and you triumph in your business.

The Right Time
- Strategizing your business and executing your move at the right timing win you the battle (with triumphing victory). Making a wrong move at the wrong timing cost you defeat (with painful losses).

The Right Place - Setting your business in the right and favorable location put in order the aptitude and solid foundation for advances and progress (readily winning already half the battle). Setting up your business in the wrong negative location creates shaking ground and dispiriting energy (seeing downfall of your business in time to come).

The Right People - Having the right and capable people, deployed in their right specialties see your business through progressive victory and expansion towards dominant victory.

Battle of Red Cliffs 赤壁之戰

One classic example - The historical Battle of Red Cliffs 赤壁之戰 that laid the later confrontation of the Three Kingdoms (Wei, Shu and Wu). Northern warlord Cao Cao's forces despite numerically superior (over 200,000 strong force) suffered a devastating defeat to the allied forces of Southern warlords Liu Bei and Sun Quan (combined 50,000 armies). In this battle, the 3 conditions Time, Place and People were all against Cao Cao.

Wrong Time - Prior to engaging the Allied forces, Cao Cao's armies were overtaxed from the long campaign from the North to the South, where he captured a sizeable fleet from Liu Cong's surrender. Despite his advisor Jia Xu's advice to rest the armies before head on with Sun Quan and Liu Bei, Cao Cao disregarded the advice. It was a wrong move at the wrong timing - Cao Cao's armies were fatigued and the scarcely impressed troops from Liu Cong were unsettled in their morale and loyalty to engage in battle; Weather was also untimely i.e. when Cao Cao tried to retreat his army down Huarong road, heavy rain made the path into a quagmire drowning his men into water mud (trampled to death by their own horses). Famine and diseases eventually finished off much of Cao Cao's remaining forces.

Wrong Place - A naval battle at the Red Cliffs was critical. Cao Cao's troops (the northerners) however lack the experience on water and were ravaged by seasickness and tropical diseases. It was an unfamiliar environment that is against Cao Cao's forces.

Wrong People - Despite his troops failing in physical form and experiences, Cao Cao assumed numerical superiority would defeat his enemy navy. He pushed on and converted his massive army of infantry and cavalry into marine corps and navy (training them with only a few days of drill before the battle). Sun Quan's troops though lesser in numbers were all well trained marines and in good shape for a home-ground fight. Liu Bei's troops having formed alliance with Sun Quan's were also prepared to take on the battle all out. The wrong soldiers were employed for battle.

With the 3 critical conditions Time, Place and People all against Cao Cao's forces, Cao Cao suffered painful losses. Perhaps if he had waited and better prepared his troops, it may have been a different outcome.


The Trinity Luck to Business Success

In Feng Shui context, we term the 3 conditions Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Human Luck respectively (the Trinity Luck).

For your easy understanding, you can picture them as your personal luck. Sometimes you experience prosperous luck and sometimes ill luck, didn't you? What was it that contributed to your changes in luck is the influences of the Trinity Luck.

Heaven Luck - You may think of it as fate i.e. you are born as who you are, it is all pre-determined by heaven (you have absolutely no control over your birth). In context of your business, the 21st century that is fast developing in science and technology is where your business battlefields set. Gaining business success is definitely not as easy compared to the past but here is where your battlefield stands (there is no way you can reverse or change time).

Earth Luck - Very simply, this is where your business locates. But unlike Heaven Luck, you have the power over your Earth luck i.e. where to set up your business, you certainly have your choice. For instance, if you are running a high-end fashion boutique, would you locate your boutique in a shoddy shopping complex that sells imitations (where audiences are out for cheap bargain)? The shop rental would for sure be lower but what is the impact?

Human Luck - Very clearly, Human Luck refers to the human factors. So first and foremost, have you (the owner of your business) put in enough of effort? Have you been working smart? Did you employ the right business strategies and tools? Did you employ the right personnel (talents) for the right job i.e. you wouldn't use a sales person to do an engineer job? Next, who are you pinning against (who are your competitors)? For instance, if you are fighting your positioning in the smart phone market where there are already established companies like Apple, Samsung, Sony etc, do you have the expertise to challenge them? Perhaps, if you and your team of engineers could invent some new and sought-after technology which everyone else is not able to provide, you may just be the new market leader. Here, you have the control over Human Luck for you control your own actions - You choose your own battlefield, you recce the battleground and you choose your own army of talents to fight with you.

How Can Feng Shui impact your Business?

How can Feng Shui help boost your business success, you probably are thinking. Very clear-cut, Feng Shui tackles at your Earth Luck. Not to underrate Earth Luck, earth luck is the one that sets off the quickest impact (among the Trinity Luck) that would affect your business.

Think of your business as the human body. By Heaven Luck, you are born with thy body and through Human Luck, you control your effort how you take care of your body. Your health state to speak, weak or strong, is a gradual progression that would be displayed over time (i.e. you won't just collapse all of a sudden). However, when unforeseen Earth luck hits you for instance when plagued by environmental diseases, illness and accidents, you would very quickly fall sick and your performance (strength and concentration) affected right away.

Back onto your business, your business headquarter would be exactly the main body. If the main body is down, all else of the business shall be affected.

Are you having a tough time with your business?

If you believe you have the best of business strategies and the best team but for some reasons, things just never seems to go smooth each time, highly likely your business is plagued by unfavorable Earth Luck. No harm in getting your company/office assessed for its feng shui health then, it may well be the turning point of your business.

For the fact that you are here, we believe you are one who believe in Feng Shui. Should we be destined to be friends, we are happy to be able to assist you (we treat all our customers as our good friends).


Favorable Earth Luck helps pave the ground foundation for your business
Tap onto the power of Feng Shui and elevate the success of your business

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