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Wrong Yin & Yang flow of Main Entrance.

Wrong Yin and Yang energy flow at the entrances affects business.

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Feng Shui Case Studies

Wrong Yin & Yang flow affects Business

Problem: Through Mr Chow, he referred his friend to me (for privacy concerns let's call him Mr X). Mr X's business hasn't been doing well for the past few years and requested me to do a feng shui audit for his factory building.

So I visited Mr X at his factory. Interestingly, I noticed there were 2 entrances to the building - a main entrance and a side door that both lead to the main lift lobby. I entered from the side door which seemingly looks like the main entrance which I later realized wasn't the case. I was there during the morning peak hours and while doing my feng shui check, I noticed that almost everyone came in from the side door rather than from the main entrance. I took a walk through the main entrance again, facing the entrance was a quiet road. The side door was located near to the MRT station and bus stop by the main road, an open-air public carpark was located nearby too, that explains it all. With such flow, the main entrance that is regarded as the "Mouth" is unable to receive in the Qi when compared to the side door i.e. the side door is well receiving in more Qi rather.

Solution: Before proceeding to further check on the inside of the factory, I asked Mr X if there is anything we could do to change and make the side entrance the front entrance i.e. reposition the company logo from the main entrance to here and make the side door bigger. I then went on to explain to him the reason behind.

Mr X got his contractor to do up the adjustment. The company logo at the front was repositioned to the side door, making the side door now the main entrance. To enhance on it, I asked Mr X to place 2 big potted plants by both sides of the door to make it standout even further. Also, I noticed that both entrances had 2 red-color lanterns hung and asked Mr X to remove them. He told me that they were there as decorative for last Chinese New Year and has left them there since, thinking that they look welcoming. "Red-color lantern when placed wrongly can cause business stagnancy", I warned Mr X. He went into some deep thoughts and exclaimed, "Yes! Business indeed became even poorer since last Chinese New Year".

Result: After repositioning the door and slight adjustments made on the inside of the building, Mr X's business picked up and business has being good then.

Comments: The main entrance of the door is regarded as the "Mouth". Like a human body, you can be fit and strong but when you lost the function to intake food properly, your health and strength naturally affected e.g. when you suffered severe sore throat and can't eat well, your energy and strength dropped. For the case of Mr X, there was no major problem with the inside of his factory building, the wrong Yin and Yang energy flow at the entrances however affected Mr X's business.

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