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Wrong Feng Shui Reading Taken

Wrong reading taken is a grave mistake intolerable in the practice of feng shui.

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Feng Shui Case Studies

Wrong Feng Shui Reading Taken (the danger that lies behind)

Problem: A close friend recommended my service to Mr and Mrs A (a young couple) believing I could help them. Mr and Mrs A stayed at their new home for 2 years. Apparently, they engaged the service of a feng shui master who helped select and recommended their house as a prosperous house that would bring them wealth and prosperity. But things don't seem to be the way, life wasn't smooth and Mrs A often falls sick. They longed for a baby and after trying for long, Mrs A at last got pregnant but sadly lost the baby through a miscarriage. Mr A since became very hot tempered and in fact, when my friend suggested him to seek feng shui advise, he flared up. My friend managed to calm him down and convinced him to seek a second opinion from a trusted close friend (me).

So I met up with Mr and Mrs A. Mr A showed me the nicely done up feng shui assessment report of his house, "See, it is written here that this house receives good prosperous qi that brings wealth?!" The report states so and it was especially highlighted that the main door receives prosperous qi that generates wealth. But if that was the case, things definitely wouldn't turn out this bad for Mr and Mrs A. "Let me take measurement and have a look first," I calmed Mr A down.

Having taken the reading and assessed the house, I told Mr and Mrs A bluntly, "Yeap, you can throw away this report". I was surprised that the House's reading was wrongly taken and many critical areas were also out of place (since the house was selected and done up by a professional feng shui counterpart).

  1. House's Facing Direction was wrongly captured i.e. Main door in actual is receiving negative Qi flow

  2. Northwest Sector of the House falls into Toilet area, and in fact portion of the Northwest Sector is missing

  3. The whole Northeast Sector is almost missing

  4. Southwest Sector was reported as the Wealth Sector, a water feature and many indoor plants (both real and artificial) were set in

  5. The God altar was set at a wrong position

Solution: For those of you who have feng shui knowledge, you should have picked up the hints what went wrong when I mention Northwest, Northeast and Southwest Sectors?

"The key problem lies with your Southwest Sector, Southwest is absolutely not the wealth corner as what mentioned in your feng shui report". I told Mr and Mrs A. "You have to remove away the water feature and the green plants immediately". Period 8 (year 2004 - 2023), Water Direction is at Southwest. Most practitioners would regard seeing water in Southwest as favorable and good for wealth. But then again, this wouldn't always be the case. Water features and sensitive objects when wrongly placed into Southwest could invite harms, impacting especially the lady owner of the house. The God altar was also wrongly placed. Feng Shui is never about religion but still there are principles to follow when worshipping activity is involved i.e. how can the gods bless and protect you when they are not properly settled in.

Result: After rearranging the house's layout with especially Southwest, Northwest and Northeast sectors remedied, Mrs A see good improvement in her health. Mr A though didn't see great elevation at work, he is pleased and happy with things turning smooth for him. The joyous part, Mrs A got pregnant with a healthy baby boy (I was later asked to help choose an auspicious name for him).

Comments: A feng shui report can be nicely and professionally done up but what that ultimately matters is the outcome. Wrong reading taken is a grave mistake intolerable in the practice of feng shui that could lead to undesirable harms (to help or to harm, that can be just between a thin line).

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