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Shop Facing Cross Junction Road

Is the shop facing Cross Junction Road considered bad Feng Shui?

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Feng Shui Case Studies

Shop Facing Cross Junction Road

Problem: Setting up a small cafe in the business district, I was to check on the feng shui for 2 shop space for Miss A and advise her which would be the better one for her business.

  • Shop A - Higher rental, located beside a busy commercial building seeing the flow of large crowd in the peak morning, lunch and evening period. Front of shop faces nice greenery view.

  • Shop B - Lower rental, located further away from the above commercial building with lesser crowd. Front of shop faces a busy cross junction road.

Solution: Assessed both shops and evaluated their space layout (i.e. where the kitchen, dining area, cashier counter shall be), I told Miss A, "Shop B the one facing the busy cross junction road would be the one with better feng shui". She was very much taken aback, "Wouldn't Shop A be the better option? The higher rental isn't an issue to me, you know. And pardon me, isn't facing cross junction road bad Feng Shui?". She commented that she knew of many who didn't rent the shop because of it facing the cross junction. "Make good the chance and try bargain down the rental then", I joked and I reassured her that the cross junction road would actually help bring in wealth more than to harm. I could see much doubts from Miss A but being a strong feng shui believer, she decided to heed my advice. An auspicious date was selected for her new cafe business opening.

Result: Business went well the first day and business started to bloom. She was still doubtful with the quieter crowd with her cafe further away from the main traffic but the impressive customer crowd delighted her.

Comments: Shop that faces cross junction road is believed by many as bad Feng Shui. Myth has it that heavy traffic from roads brings about great negative Qi. Yes road traffic generates energy, the heavier the traffic the stronger the Qi generated. But if you understand how qi flows, road traffic flow from various Cross junction, T junction, Y junction etc could subjectively help gather positive Qi instead, acting like a strong magnet that attracts wealth (the more the traffic, the ideal the case). Open up your eyes, you be surprised that you find shops and restaurants that face such junctions doing extremely well in their business.


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