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Yin and Yang Principle of Life and business success

Concept of yin and yang, the philosophy of two opposite principles in nature.

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The Yin and Yang Principle of Life
(for business success)

The ultimate principle of life - Yin and Yang are two natural energies that are the opposite of one another (opposing yet complementary). All life is governed by the interplay of Yin and Yang i.e. day and night, male and female, hot and cold, positive and negative etc.

Expressed in the Yin and Yang symbol, you will see that Yin contains Yang and Yang contains Yin (within Yin there is bound to be elements of Yang and Yin within Yang). So to speak, no existence can ever be 100% perfection and that explains well the saying life can never be perfect. In business context, you may think of it as Win and Lose, Profit and Loss and for sure, there can never be a sure-win business. In business, you win some and you lose some.

Yes, "You win some and you lose some". How would you agree with this statement?

Now, let's reverse it - "You lose some and you win some". Ever look at things this way?

Think about it. When you make a loss in business, wouldn't you gain in terms of knowledge and experience? No doubts you lose monetary but you gain the insight and the chance to identify the problem to turn things around. When you make a loss, it is obvious that you did not do well somewhere i.e. planning and budgeting, product quality control etc. Here, doesn't it call for the need to re-examine your mistakes for you to be able to turn losses into profits the next round? Even when your business is making big money, you need to monitor your business processes closely to ensure your business growth and development, isn't it? Or have you not been doing so, simply leaving things to chances?

So here, we see that success and failure are all interrelated. Yin and Yang not only suggest the contradictory of the forces but signify their forming of a dynamic system (the combination of Yin and Yang as a complete and greater "whole"). You have to look at your business holistically. To achieve success in business, you need to appreciate success and failure as a whole (celebrate success while embracing also failure). If there isn't any failure to begin with, what is success then? And isn't that also what entrepreneurship is about? You believe in your ideas and you fight for it, you fail and you learn and you keep on fighting until you succeed?

Many young entrepreneurs however fail to see this, they only have eyes for money. They ventured into business all because of money and they focused too much on money and in the end, they went out of balance and their business fails.

So keep in mind this - Be satisfied with enough and never be greedy. "Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered", I am sure you have heard of this idiom?

Adopt the way of Yin and Yang, keep your business in harmonized balance and you see healthy prosperous business growth.

Best of luck in your endeavor!
We wish you success in your business


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