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Water Feature - Art of Placement for Wealth and Prosperity

Water feature are great Feng Shui enhancer but it can be do harm if used incorrectly.

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Water Feature - Art of Placement

The use of water feature has been widely applied in Feng Shui practice. It is believed to be able to create wealth and good fortune by many. This is however not true. Water does not in anyway represent wealth, abundance and prosperity. By the law of nature, "Qi" is carried and dispersed by the wind and preserve in the water.

In fact, having the wrong application and placement of water feature in your home may actually just bring you and your family more harm and misfortune instead, probably also resulting in financial loss.

In Xuan Kong Feng Shui, water is used to gather the good "Qi" that surround your environment and harness them to aid and benefit you. To achieve that, the placements of water features in your house are to be arranged accordingly to the corresponding Time Period and House's Directional position. Perhaps there are some water features lying in your home right now at this very moment? Then you should beware of the possible dangers you might be facing if their positioning are wrong.

Below are some common Feng Shui guides that you might have come across.

Locations to place Water Feature:

  • North Sector: Career and Business Success; Increase Income
  • Southeast Sector: Overall Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance
  • East Sector: Family Harmony and Health
  • Personal Sheng Qi Sector: Water produce Wood
  • Main Entrance: Ming Tang

To note: These locations may not exactly always be suitable for water placement. Many just follow blindly when little did they know that they might have installed their water features at the very wrong spots that invite harm rather (when they expect benefits).

Locations to avoid Placing Water Feature:

  • Bedroom: It will cause financial loss and weakening of love relationship
  • Kitchen: Water put off Fire.

This again is not true. It may actually be allowed if the formation of your house permits and in certain cases, placing of water feature in these locations can be exceptionally beneficial.

To ascertain the correct spots for the placement of water feature (and its flow direction), that must be derived from the House Analysis Chart accordingly. To share with you an example - A customer of mine was advised by his previous Feng Shui consultant to install water feature in the Direct Spirit (aka Zhen Shen) Sector in his living room to activate a good facing star. In essence, that seems like the right thing to do, facing star number 8 is certainly a good star to be activating in Period 8. But little was he aware that by doing so, he has actually violated the Direct Spirit rule i.e. No water feature should be placed in the Direct Spirit sector. Indeed, he encountered more difficulties in his life rather than getting the benefits that he was looking forward to.

All Special Water Formations have their basis but then again, vital rules / guidelines are never to be overlooked for instance,

  • You are never to violate both the Direct and Indirect Spirit rules (aka Mountain & Water Palace) by placing any water feature there no matter how good a spot or position it may be.

  • You must correctly locate the qi of the house in order to accurately identify the dragon spot for placing your water feature.

  • You have to carefully examine the external influences (i.e. real landforms that surround the house) to ascertain that good "Qi" is indeed being brought in

The art of Water placement in Feng Shui may seem easy on theory but in actual application may not be exactly that straightforward.

It certainly require true understanding and strong fundamental foundation. Wrong placement of water features in the house could result in undesired harms and misfortunes e.g. divorce, financial loss, poor health etc. Unless you are absolutely sure, you wouldn't risk going wrong.

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