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Welcome to eFeng Shui Asia Since 2006

We are asking the obvious if we were to ask if you are here looking for Feng Shui services. Rather what's noteworthy is your effort to seek changes, your desire to want to improve your life. Life is a journey and not a destination, there is never wrong in wanting more in life (you ought to have that drive and aspiration). It is inevitable that you bump into obstacles from time to time but more often than not, problems in point of fact open up a new path. Take a look back and you would realize that sometimes the wrong things happen just at the right time, and they are what that made who you are today.

Let us have a look at how we could help you in the Feng Shui way


Feng Shui for Commercial


Commercial Services :
Elevate your business luck for
Business Success

Feng Shui for Residential


Residential Services :
Harmonize your living space for
Better Living

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Feng Shui Mastery Courses

eFengshui Academy
School of Traditional Chinese Metaphysics

Develop your interest in Feng Shui into knowledge. Master the art of Feng Shui through engaging e-learning at the comfort of your home (from the very basic to the in-depth advance Feng Shui applications).

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Articles / Case Studies

Learn via case studies that offer you real-world examples to why many fail and succeed in their life/business

Importance of Date Selection
2 Houses share the same Facing Direction and House Structure that would bring good fortune and prosperous luck. Why is it that the family suffered misfortunes and life difficulties instead?

Art of Water Placement
Are there some water features set in your home? You should beware of the possible dangers you might be facing. Wrong placement of water feature may actually just bring you and your family more harm and misfortune instead of creating wealth.

More Case Studies


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